i dont like animals.

tuesday, lil bit and myself headed to the zoo.  it was sixty degrees in nashville and just warm enough to play with your mind to make you think that spring is around the corner.  knowing that it's mid january in tennessee, you know better.  but the flowers were starting to bloom, there was tons of green.  its kinda cruel, it's like the weather god is saying "SIKE!"
(please excuse the quality of these photos for i forgot my real camera in the car.  hence the iphone had to work.)

we went to the zoo.  i had not taken lil bit since she was a wee thing and still sleeping while i cruised with her brothers, so i hadn't had the full two year old zoo experience with her.  and we were excited about our day, it started with ballet and as soon as she ran out to greet me tutu's a blazin, she said, "caca, we go to the zoo?  i soooooo 'cited!"  we headed to the zoo, both of us giddy with 'citement.

we met my friend danielle there, who is also a nanny to a charming little one and our day began.
boy, did it.  when you walk in the nashville zoo, you are greeted with the macaws, and they are loud...
"ohhhh, look at the birds!"
lil bit squeals in fear and screams.  "i don't wiiiiiiike birds!!!! i don't wiiiiike birds!!!" 

moving on, quickly.  

danielle and her charge were laughing and taking their time and enjoying the zoo...
i had lil bit as far away from the birds as possible so she would calm down.  we like head dove into a tree.  like pushed the stroller into a tree...look, no animals!
"oh look at those trees!"  "oh, look at those rocks!"  "oh, look at the wind blowing the branches..."
"i don't wike birds!!!"

moving faster...heading to the gibbons.

me, having to put on my super nanny hat, had to be more charismatic than normal and perhaps sillier and over dramatic than normal so perhaps she would focus on me instead of the fact that we WERE at the zoo SURROUNDED by animals and we were screaming after the first animal and that was a bird -
"oh lil bit!  look at those silly monkeys! they like you...they think you are silly."

then that darn gibbon let out his best and loudest gibbon noise and guess what happened?
screaming, "I don't WIKE monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeys!!!!!!!!!"

see ya danielle! this stroller has gotta go.


dont do anything.  they walk around and dig in mud.  we are safe.  no tears, no fears.
"i don't wike cats."  no tearrs, buuuuuuut just so you know there ca-ca, i don't like these here meerkats you are presenting to me either.

"i don't wiiiiike cranes."
"i don't wiiiiike ducks."
"i don't wiiiiike fisheys"

flamingos!  who doesn't like a flamingo?  i love flamingos.
"i don't wike fwaaaamingos!!!"

so you know what i did.  i let her cry for .05 seconds and took these three pictures.  because i am a little obsessed with those things and this was the first time i had seen them here in nashville.  enjoy them, i did not.  but see them.  i did.  

reptile house?
"i wiiiiike frogs!"
so to the frogs we went, the bats nearly did her in, but thank goodness there as a frog across from the bats so we could just scale through...

then we headed to the farm to see the farm animals.  "i don't wike cows."

at this point i was like "whatever kid, you like cows.  who doesn't like a cow?"  but as we were walking toward those smelly things, i was giving those guys the stink eye and hoping he caught my drift ('cause i caught his) when i telepathically said to that thing, "lookie here COW, if you decided to MOOO, i swear...i will...oh, i don't know.  but please, pretty please!  do not moo! we want to wike you!"

and then.
she wiked the cows.
i mean, she SAID, "i don't wike cows." but she did.  she liked them.  she even stood on the fence all farm like and made this nanny happy.

and even though it was the very last animal of the day and she "didn't wike" any animal at the zoo - still it was a good good day.

later in the day, lil bit was sleeping, danielle texted me, "we are headed to the park to feed the ducks, my girl never had a nap."

my response:

"i don't wike ducks."


Lisa said...

I literally cannot WAIT to take E to the zoo! And the aquarium... And the park... Ok, I just want to get the heck out of the house. HA!

jessica dukes said...

i hear you! its so so fun...even when they are terrible 2's!

Lauren said...

Ooooh man, on any given day my daughter likes or doesn't like horses. Sometimes they are the greatest thing ever and sometimes they may as well be the scariest monster you could think of.

Danielle said...

I laughed through this whole post! She had me at "I don't wike birds" (UGH I HATE BIRDS!)!! I'm pretty sure my parents had this experience with me when I first went to the zoo!!!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Oh my goodness! We should do a spring day at the zoo, sometime! Waylon loves the "mingotes," haha. Although, it does kind of bother me that just any old person could walk up and put their nasty old hands on those birds and take their feathers, because of the way their enclosure is built. They get so close, sometimes!

jessica dukes said...

She was cracking me up the whole day! Stinker.

And Brianna- yes let's meet up!

Daydream Believer said...

This was adorable and hilarious. AND HER PANTS!!! LOVE!

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