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here's the latest in this journey of life lately. (i'm tired)

- dad is doing better.  he is less confused today and last night they were able to move him to a private room on the trauma unit which is a step up from the room he shared with six other severely injured patients.  last night when i saw him, he wouldn't open his eyes and was really confused and then today he is sharp as a tack.  so maybe the fall knocked some sense into him.  too much?  bad joke?  yes, i think so.
seriously,  from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the sweet messages, calls, text and prayers.  i have felt so popular the last few days with my phone lighting up like a christmas tree every five seconds.  i mean, you make a girl get a big head people.
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- and in the midst of chaos, life still goes on.  brad started a new job today that he will totally rock.  i might have went a little overboard with "you need new clothes for a new job" on sunday, but GAP was having a sale and then macy's was too...and then, you know what happens then.  
three large bags later, well...he looked real cute HOT today in his new duds.  yay for a new job for him, he is so excited.  i am cooking a celebratory dinner for him tonight.  and then he will try to talk me into watching wrestling or star wars...and will succeed.

and this has nothing to do with anything other than when i searched "new job" on pinterest ole will smith was the first thing to come up.  random.
and it cracked me up.
so lucky you, you get taaaa crack up too.

and again, seriously y'all, thanks for the prayers for my sweet dad.  he is the best and i know he feels it from his head to the soles of his feet.  

p.s. the trauma unit is a weird place, sad - yet hopeful.  if you think of my dad today and lift him up in prayer, say a prayer too for those that he is sharing a floor with. because on the tenth floor at venderbilt hospital, there are some really hurt and hurting people and some waiting rooms full of people that love those hurting people and are hurting right along side them.  

one lady has been in that waiting room since december 31, when her son had a wreck and he has been in a coma ever since.
thats a mothers heart and love, and devotion.  and you know what? a few more prayers for her today wouldn't hurt a thing.  

another man, his wife has parkinson's like my dad and she fell too like dad.  and the sadest part of it all, is she doesn't know her husband anymore and as he sat and told mom and i about his wife...he said, "she knows everyone, her kids, people she has met a few times...but she doesn't know me."
that's rough stuff.  

and that's just a few in the waiting room.


Kodi said...

Praying for your dad!

My heart goes out to the two other families you told us about<3

Ashley said...

Glad to hear he is doing better and I will pray for those other families, as well.

jessica dukes said...

Thanks for the sweet comments Kodi and Ashley. :-)

diary of this girl - megan said...

i am glad to hear your dad is doing a bit better! i will keep your family and the others you mentioned in my prayers :)


jessica dukes said...

Thanks Megan, I appreciate it. :-)

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Thinking about your dad and all of those other people you mentioned. And loving the fact people consider a new job to be the Fresh Prince. :)

jessica dukes said...

ha, i know...what the heck is that all about!

and thank you for the prayers, friend.

samecookiesdifferent said...

this little girl with curly hair is so cute! We LIKE and the lab - how should i say? Love <3

X the cookies

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