posting with meaning dot com.

i would like my blog to be huge.  to grow.  and to be lovely.  

a blog where readers come early with their coffee and scour over every word from any post that i have posted.

where readers come from far and wide and no matter where you are at that moment in your life, you can find something that i have written that you can feel in your bones.

i want my words to inspire, to make you laugh and make your time spent while while here at morrison lane heart happy.  that's what i want.

so this means, nonsense post where i feel like i am posting to just keep up and post to just post -
are not going to happen anymore.  

i want to live my life with more meaning.
i want everything that i do mean something.
especially here.

i have a ton on my plate, just like you.  we all have way too much going on, and between being a wife, working, taking care of me (more on this later)
i need to not 
just set behind the computer for the sake of feeling like i need to post.  
does that make any sense?  

i need to be connected for real more.  like not connected on line.
like send my friends real mail.

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

a letter with a stamp.
tell them how much they mean to me. 
tell them that they mean so much to me that i sat down, closed the computer and told them 
and then followed through and mailed the darn thing.

when brad and i are hanging out, i want to be all in.  
 no computer, no cell phone.  
just me and him and time.
same with my girlfriends.

do you know how i feel?
do you feel like me?
am i making any sense in 2012?


Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel. I feel the same way. And honestly, heartfelt posts are my absolute favorites from the blogs I follow. I am looking forward to these new changes of yours ... and I am certain you will feel more peace about less stress over 'posting just to post' and spending more time with your family.

Katie said...

I feel the exact same way! I want blogging to be something I do because I love and not because I'm just trying to just post or get followers. I also totally agree about being all "there" when you're with your husband or friends. I struggle with that too! Happy new year! : )

jessica dukes said...

happy new year girls and thanks for the input. thank you. :-) i am looking forward to the changes too!

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

I love this! Spoke right to my heart because I feel the same! Who writes letters to anyone anymore when there's email and text messaging yet it feels so good to receive a written letter in the mail! Also, spending quality time without technology interfering, is a struggle and getting back to that is so important. Thank you Jessica :)

jessica dukes said...

Sweet friend. I woret hai clip this weekend and just noticed the heart on the back - so creative. It made me smile. :-)

AbsoluteMommy said...

Yes! Exactly! So many of my Dec. Post were just to linkup. It's time to get back to basics!
Can't wait to see what you got.

Ashley said...

You are making perfect sense in 2012. This is so true! I agree totally. Thanks for sharing :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I think that's a fabulous goal. There's nothing like mailing a real letter to a friend. And I think it can only lead to good things for your blog!

Daydream Believer said...

This post totally rocked!!

jessica dukes said...

thanks girls. i need to prioritize my time better and this is a great place to start. :-) thanks for all the comments today.

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