you are so dumb. {like, for real}

we all know the "you are so dumb" video on you tube, if you don't know - type that in you tube and you will get the pleasure.  not appropriate for the blog, but...i have been walking around this past week saying just that, "you are soooo dumb!"

i mean, lets be honest.  i have ben a nanny all my live long days, well except for that stint when i decided i wanted to be a hair stylist.  don't judge. 

nanny.  all the live long days.  being a nanny, there is no wardrobe.  and since you sometimes get a call to come to work and twenty minutes later you are there, this bodes well for the no shower, no make up, just rolled out of bed, unkept look. i rock it all the live long day. 
i am hot hear me roar. 

this is also why i don't so the WIWW post, because i mean, i look homeless most days.  and dirty.

so WHY IN THE HECK have i never owned yoga pants until last week?  
like never ever.  
what IN the world?

and the better question is, what kind of friends do i really have that would never tell me, make me buy some, buy some for me?  i need to reconsider some friendships that i thought i had.  because clearly, there are some issues here.

last week.  LAST WEEK.  i never owned yoga pants til last week.  i still can't believe it.
i mean, can you?

and guess what i have worn every day since last monday.  you guessed it.  and i am looking mighty fine.  same look, the no shower, ponytail, dirty look. 

but now the pants are all neat looking and long enough.
i mean, i might go as far to say they are cute.

it's so hard to get a good picture with that darn self timer!  this is the best i could do.

friends don't let friends go through life without yoga pants.
so if you are a friend of mine and you do not have yoga pants.
well, get some. today.
target. $15

the end.


Katie said...

that's funny . .. thanks for making me laugh. and I agree - can't believe you've never worn them until now! : )

jessica dukes said...

seriously. seriously. seriously. i am still in awe that i could have been wearing pajamas pretty much, all this time!

AbsoluteMommy said...

OMG! You are hilarious!! And it's ok I just bought Toms last week. Now, as your bloggy friend, you must go and buy Toms now! If you think yoga pants are comfy, you are gonna LOVE Toms!

jessica dukes said...

haha! I have three pair of TOMS! Love them. Think I could wear yoga and tom together? Ha

Daydream Believer said...

Yoga pants are a slice of Heaven. And I also have a pair of Toms. Perhaps we should all wear them AND our yoga pants?? Hmmm??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

yoga pants shmoga pants.....I call em tights....regardless...their the best bloody thing when u want to feel thing ever.

Thanks for the laugh tonight...this post was awesome!

jessica dukes said...

girls, why am i just knowing this! and yes, i thnk we should start a yoga pants and TOMS movement. for real.

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