my birthday. bowling. and a birthday suit (not really).

my birthday is superbowl sunday.  i am going to be 21, seemed like it would never ever get here!  that twenty-first birthday...shesh.  finally, i have arrived.  now i'm all legal and everything!  woot woot!  and since we are celebrating me turning twenty-one a long time agooooooo, girls gotta have a new birthday outfit.  i mean, if i need an excuse to buy something new...well, happy birthday taaa me.  

can i get an amen?

so here's what i ordered...i got all craaaaay with the colored jeggins and since i have recently started drinking smart water in my attempt to become jennifer anniston with my newly lightened locks, i decided to go super ubber crazy and get these dark earring since you will be able to see those things since my hair isn't black anymore.

we are going to go to church, then lunch and bowling.  because we party like rockstars and the superbowl happens to be on, so we have to get in front of a tv in our proper places for those commercials DAAA GAME by 5 pm.

right now, i am barefoot.  i promise though, shoes just take more time.
give a girl a break.
i'm still trying to get used to the colored jeans.
p.s. i haven't gotten this in the mail yet, what if it doesn't come??? i'll be in my birthday suit!  ahhh (too much?  too far?)

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Crystal said...

Good luck finding shoes. Happy (early) Birthday!

jessica dukes said...

thanks crystal! i am headed over to your blog now. :-)

Amanda M. said...

Happy early birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Yay 21!! Just in time for our Nashville Meet-up in March. ;)

Happy Shopping!

megs [at] Shine On

jessica dukes said...

Thanks girls! If only I was really 21!?!

Lauren said...

Love those jeans!! And I kind of wish I was only 21 still and not almost 27... The 20s rock, and I'm not ready to be near the end of them!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

Wow ow!!! Now that is a smoking hot birthday suit! Rock it girl!

jessica dukes said...

my twenties were HARD! but am fine with my MATURE age! haha

jessica dukes said...

and those jeans were cheap too!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

LOVE all of your choices!


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