celebrity spotting: oh snap.

to say i am a fan of wraaaaaslin' is probably starting to be true. (lord help, did i really just write that?) here's the thing, i had never ever seen a match in all my live long days, except the few in nashville at the pay by the hour hotel where they have locals in a conference room and it's a great friday night really??? activity, so there's that...

but then i married brad, and slowly BUT SURELY...wrestling started creeping into my life.  when we were dating, nothing...then in the past year or so, true colors started shining through and wrestling fan, he is.

so on monday nights, if i want to hang out with him, it usually means (roll the eyes) wrestling is on in the foreground.  this also means after weeks and months of "what the heck?"  and "this is so stupid."  and "oh, my gosh, HE is gonna get hurt."  and the list goes on and on.  i am starting to get the storyline and get it.  well, not get it.  but get it enough to know that...

if the rock beats john cena at wrestlemania next week, that is so not right and i am for real just gonna have to sit in my room on monday nights and twiddle my thumbs.  because it is not fair to go be an actor and then come back and win and all that jazz.  you hear that rock???  whatev.

saturday afternoon, when we landed from in nashville after being gone a week, i spotted this guy.
whatever, you know who he is.  it's the great khali!  and he's a giant and a wrestler.  
except in my limited knowledge of wrestling, i thought his name was the great ali.
and i totally geeked out and was like "oh my gosh, brian (my boss) DO YOU know who that is??? it's the great ali!!!" apparently his knowledge is limited too, because he didn't correct me.  but he knew who it was.  so what's a nanny/stalker to do?
yep.  grab the baby and act a little flustered and pretend that you are doing something vastly important on your phone, except you are really taking a picture.  i am that smooth.  no one would suspect anything with a baby on your hip.
that's my philosophy.
he might be like seven foot seven, but i feel pretty empowered with lil bit in tow, so i kept moving in...
then this happened.
we'll instagram the bad boy for the full effect:
opppp.  that's when this nanny made like a tree and leaved?  that sounded better in my head.  but you get it.  we moved on to the rocking chairs just a little further down...
because i think he might have been on to me.

and p.s.  and then i sent the picture to brad knowing he would be beaming that his nerd wife was geeking out over a wraaaaaslin man that i KNEW...the caption said, "meet my friend the great ali!"  
he responded excitedly.  but didn't clue me in that his name was the great khali.
so then i took my tactics to the world wide web because i was still feeling all cool and good about myself.
and said the same, except this time brad promptly tweeted back.
"that's the great KHali."



Crystal said...

Yea I think you were totally busted! Too funny! I like his role in The Longest Yard.

Danielle said...

HAHAHA! This is soooo awesome!!! I was cracking up through this whole post! I LOVE "lurking" celebs (my friends & I call it lurking because "stalking" sounds so... illegal). I live near LA and have done this more times than I would like to admit HAHA! The last picture you got is CLASSIC!! :D

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!LMAO!! yup TOTALLY busted! so kool you saw him!! i have seen danny glover and other random celebrities at airports but they usually are on those motor carts! moving way 2 fast for me to get some pics like you did!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, that last picture is AWESOME!

Keep Shining,

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