hello monday.

today i am linking up with lisa leonards perfect blog, to say hello to this new week.  
hello bird on a wire, distracting the two year old who didn't want to wait in the car for her brothers.
hello picnic with said two year old who did wait for her brothers, 
thanks to that bird on a wire crazy entertainment.
hello, sippy cup.  we don't leave home without it.
well, sometimes this nanny forgets it on purpose.
but she can't read (this blog) so what she doesn't know...
hello...i LOVE this picture.
the fellas are six now, and really argue and wrestle more than they love on each other.  
and i snuck in and grabbed my camera and caught this before the next punch was landed.
last night, we went to a show and as we were entering...one of the ushers said, "well, hello there little man." and curly fellas eyes lit right up and he looked up at me with our hands held tight and was so satisfied that someone finally recognized that he really was a man.  he said, "ms. jessica!  he called me little man.  because i am little and i really am a man."  
i wanted to squeeze his hand tight and bend down and grab him and give him a kiss.  but i kept my composure, i didn't want to ruin the moment and remind him that (A) we were holding hands and (B) man, he is not.  i just shook my head and said, "i know.  you really are."
hello crazy hair all the time.  
oh how i love her and her curls.
hello "now that you've got me in this ridiculous cinderella gown, what you want me to do? dance?"
hello this girl loves her some mr. brad.
this is the response always on the receiving end of whatever he has said to her.
it's so nice to be loved.
hello moon in the early afternoon.
hello going on walks.
hello mr brad, who tried his best to catch that moon for little bit.
hello to friends and a fire.  and good conversation.
and big marshmallows.
hello beauty, so nice to see you.
you're looking rather hot...

hello monday.
(hiiii!!!! that;s me waving at you.  see me?)


Kassi Mortensen said...

Lots of great hellos! :) Love the little man story! Little boys and becoming men, eh!? haha. Happy week Jessica!

jessica dukes said...

Happy week to you too, kassi :-)

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