jackson hole...

so i am headed to jackson hole, wyoming tomorrow morning.  take a look at the sites below.  pretty huh?  you are starting to get jealous, aren't you?

Source: google.com via Carrie on Pinterest

i am going yes, and five of my littliest best friends all under the age of seven.  

it's going to be a long, fun, cold week.  
i have never been to jackson hole, yellowstone or anything even close to what i am about to see.
the five kids?  oh, i got that.

have you been?
any suggestions of things to do/see during my off hours?

wish me luck, i'll be writing from the road...i'm sure.  
because let's be honest, what would your week be without me?

oh oh oh, and more importantly...you should definitely follow me on instagram because pretty much jackson hole will be instagraming all over the place all over my phone.  i'm sorry.  i won't be able to help it. 


Cookie said...

I was jealous until I saw that you are taking a bunch of kiddos, oh my, you are brave!

jessica dukes said...

hahaha, i am not taking a bunch of kids---i am going with that bunch of kids!

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