st. louis with bra and brad.

brad and i are in st. louis today.  we left yesterday after we both got off from work.  and i couldn't be more thrilled to have a little get-a-way.  i realized earlier when i am writing post from my phone if i am on the road, i often refer to brad as bra or bead.  it's a rather unfortunate error.

example:  bra and i are headed to st. louis.  which is a true sentence, but brad is coming too.  

moving on.

we are going to the radiohead show,
see the arch,
maybe a museum, 
good local eateries,

and mainly, just enjoy each other.  well, i plan on putting on a fashion show as well, with some new duds i just bought, brad's gonna be so excited he'll hardly be able to contain himself. (read sarcasm)

also, i bought some new stunna shades for the trip.
wanna see?
i promise i love them.  my expression says otherwise. so i'm not a model...

one more thing...have you noticed when you are packing for a trip these days, there are more cords in your suitcase then clothes.  and if you forget just one, you are screwed?  
so let's hear it for remembering all the cords, and seeing the arch!
i love that thing.

and here's another picture just for good measure.  and because it makes me happy because it's so darn tootin'.  i love little girls in pigtails pushing strollers with their friends following behind.  i mean, come on?!?
and by the way, if you were wondering, they were headed to garget. (that's target for those of us who like our T's.)

happy weekend, friends.  


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to visit St. Louis and see the arch! :) So give it a once over look for me, kay? Thanks! Have fun!

EmCain said...

garget.. ha, i love it!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Garget! So funny! When Waylon counts, he says nine, ten, geleven... haha!

jessica dukes said...

haha, i love garget. she says daily, "hey caca! i fink we need to go to garget!" and then we go...

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