a little more life...

and since we are diving in head first with the whole life thing...
here is some more for you.

last sunday, we had just gotten home from albuquerque, 
bubba watson was about to win the masters,
i had planted some new flowers, 
got some great news, 
and saw this:
after this icing on the cake, i almost jumped in the air and clicked my heels together.
except i can't do that.
but if you can, please oh please - do it every chance you get.

then just a few days ago,
these little triplets were born,
camera shy still, 
but growing every day.
and mama robin, girlfriend, does not appreciate the visiting hours by brad and myself.

have i mentioned i love birds,
real, fake, all.
so to have little robins being my new neighbor...
hello life.


Aubrey said...

so awesome!!!

jessica dukes said...

i know! love it.

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