life goes on...

the sun did not shine it was too wet to play... -dr seuss
 thats how i felt this weekend, life handed me a little more than i was ready for.
but i learned something.
i am strong.
and brad is stronger.  he is a rock when i need a rock.
he touches me just when i need to feel his love.
(he even throws the frisbee right into my hands, even though i never can quite get it to him)
he is patient and kind.
i am really blessed that in this life, it is my hand he is holding.
 life goes on...
it does.
especially when you lace up your tennis shoes and walk out the door.
and hear the birds chirping,
the wind blowing,
and life everywhere.
 and especially when you see this read circle headed your way.
go big or go home.
i grabbed it by the horns, or the dirt...
and gave this lady a home.
her name is pricilla.
 and her bff, betty. are adorning our deck now.
they hang and chat and do what bff's do.
ya know, sit and sit and sit...and just be.
(these bad boys were .97 cents at walmart!)
hello birds.
please direct your attention to your shiny and new bird feeders 
and not the two black cars parked in the driveway.
because what you leave behind ALL OVER THE CAR is less than desirable.

life goes on.  the sun comes out.  and new days are always better than the last.
i'm happy.  and i am thankful.

happy tuesday, friends.


Sabrina said...

I love this. needed it.

jessica dukes said...

Thanks girl. :-) me too

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