an hour at the park with mister brad.

one thing this girl does is love well.  she has brought so much joy into life since i have known her and everyone she meets is her best friend.  more than once a day she says to me, "we best friends, caca."  she is quite the charmer and her personality along with those curls just makes her so so sweet.  and her heart is kind.  although just yesterday she told me, "i can't wuv you caca.  i love my mama."
 she loves me.  but she loves brad so much more.  and she loves me a lot.  
the other day i surprised her and told her that we were going to go get mister brad from his work 
and he was going to go to the park and play with us.
sister was so excited she could not stand it.
i might have well not been there.
 after a whole lotta love and gushiness, i returned to the car to grab the camera. 
because really, i mean...
 they have such a special bond, i love to watch them together.  
she adores him and the feeling is mutual.
and you know it does this tenderhearted nanny's heart good to see the guy she loves the most loving on this little girl that is her favorite two year old.
 even though i am completely ignored.
completely ignored.
completely igno...
you get it.
after thirty minutes or so, we got down to business and picked some "begtables" for "dis fwoggy."
cause the fella was hungry.
 then we pretended to eat our "begtables" because, i mean, let's be honest - when you are two,
thats real life.
you JUST pretend to eat your vegetables.
 i mean, COME ON.  look at that sweet face.
 and then after playing her heart out and getting a whole hour with mister brad, i rocked her world 
(in a bad way)
and told her that we had to take mister brad back to work.
oh the tears.  it was hilariously sad.
 and of course, guess who saved the friggin' day?  oh yeah. 
i, her nanny, was taking her home to continue a great day.
but who did she want?
the guy who's fault the whole debacle was...
see how i'm treated?


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

She is too stinking cute! So fun that she just loves her Mister Brad! :)

jessica dukes said...

she does love him to death. its nuts. i always laugh and say when we have kids hes gonna be disappoited because they arent her!

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