new mexico in pictures.

if there is one thing brad and i know how to do, it's get out of town and find an adventure.  we are also pretty good at scrolling through netflix and finding a movie to watch and sprawl out on the couch and just be for nights on end.
our last adventure landed us in new mexico.  albuquerque to be exact.  we went to hunt down walter really, we did.  and take in the sites.
 this is what happens to me when it's myyyyyyyyy turn for a picture.  and this was the best one!
 and then he looks great.  yeah, whatever dude.  you're coming home with me.

and yes i did leave this place with a bright red pair of moccasins.
it was so so fun, but you know how it is, as much as its fun to be on the go, it's always so so nice to get back home and get in the groove of things.

it was up there with one of my favorite trips.  well, but runs a close second to our forever drive to middle of nowhere land, iowa - now that was a good time.

happy friday.  smile at someone today - you might make their day.


Danielle said...

I would have totally been looking for Walter White, too!! :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! I LOVE that picture of your hair standing straight up, sooo cute! hahaha! ;D

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

:) Your wind blown hair cracks me up! So fun! AS does the sandwiches shirt!

jessica dukes said...

haha, we found most all the filming locations (insert nerd joke here) and saw some of the production crew, so that was awesome!

hahaha, we are quite a pair. and what the heck with my hair! and then he's just there all normal! then things we have to go through as a girl! thanks for the comments gals.

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

What a beautiful place! And that hair shot - love it!

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