insta.grams {addict}. you?

i'm not the only one addicted to this here app.  because i follow the lot of you.
but since i can't seem to get it together lately i have neglected to dump my photos on 
friday for you to see.
{and i know your life is lacking for that FOR which i am sorry}
i'm making up for it this week.  for real.
hey caca, i need yo' gwasses.  da sun es in my ewes.
 doesn't get much cuter than that...
 just call me martha.  no really.  do it.
lil bit terrorized me and chased me around the house and made me wear these for at least an hour the other day.  i took them off about one hundred times and one hundred times, 
"hey caca, you gwasses fell off? here you go."  
bless it.
 real purty.  green esssss my favorite color.
oh wook, caca! dere it is!  i wuv target!
 white linen pants + sweatshirt+swimshoes=what not to wear 

 red robin!
 nothing makes a bad day better like a good quilt.
 ballet class picture hilarity.  i eventually had to hide because lil bit kept coming to the curtain and waving at me.  after the ballet photographer called me mama one to many times, 
lil bit said, "SHE NOT MY MAMA!  she my caca."  
and i said, "she's right."
 whip cream with a few strawberries.  amen.
 oh lord.  recital outfits are here.
 this hottie made me dinner.  and it was delicious.
disney called.  they want this to be there new ad.  
no they didn't.
but they should.
 when the dog barks and wakes you up...well,
 we like to keep it classy and eat hotdogs on sushi plates.  uh huh.  that's right.
 picnic preparations.  yummm.
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Crystal said...

That is a pretty cute shot, little ballerina. Red Robin, YUM!!!

jessica dukes said...

thanks girl. she wont let me take pictures of her now...i have to sneak. :-)

Unknown said...

Yep, I get it! I'm OBSESSED with it too! Makes you want to shoot more photos during the day, right?! Following you now! @kassarie

jessica dukes said...

yay! ill follow you too. and its like you can be nosy but not really... :-)

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

I love that quilt! I just started following you on Instagram, too!

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