record store day 2012.

so if you are among the crazies awesome that think getting up and standing in line in the cold and rain for three hours previous to the record stores actually opening on record store day, well i bet you had a really cold, wet morning in nashville but then when you got all those coveted albums that you were in line didn't matter that you were wet and cold.

there's that.

then there's people like me who think that being with my husband is so darn fun that i will brave the elements as well even though there is not one record i want.  call it love.  call it dumb.  i think it's a little of both.

call it a blog.  because that's what it is.  and i have pictures to prove.

record store day in nashville happened for us at grimeys.  and brad happily walked away with all the records on his list.

i walked away with this really cool canvas bag that they put his records in.
i told him i wanted aqua.
he picked yellow.
i like yellow.


Alicia said...

i have to ask...what, exactly IS record store day?

jessica dukes said...

its when all the "exclusive" records are released. and there are only certain amounts of them, hence the line... i didnt know this either til i met brad :-)

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