so we're in albuquerque.


Last night we got a call that our flight had been cancelled because of the horrible weather Dallas has had this week. The earliest we could fly out was Saturday. Seeing that we were coming home Sunday - well that really was pointless. So with some smooth talking from Brad with AA, we got on another flight.


Yes. Some sweet last booked us on a flight that didn't exist.

Sooooo after leaving Nashville at seven am, flying to Charlotte and then on to Dallas THEN to Roswell (where the heck is Roswell? I don't know either.), New Mexico (which was the closest they could now get us to Albuquerque) - two hours later, it's 8:30 pm local time here and we made it.
We are both lounged across the bed, each on our phone, zoned out with CNN playing in the background.
Soooo glad we are finally here.
I'm on the hunt for real authentic mocossians because I NEED them.

Also, we might be looking for Walter White...

jessica dukes

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Earl-Leigh said...

I'm not a fan of Walter, but tell Jesse that I said "hello". ;)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

AH! You're in my state! I'm from NM but live in AZ now. Still close to the NM border though... Just so you know... Roswell is where the whole alien thing went down... haha.

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