take me out to the ballgame.

yesterday as i was getting the boys ready for their baseball game, i had to explain to them that they have a new helmet because lice was going around their school, etc.  and lord have mercy, from "i don't really think i want to go to baseball today."  to "will you check my head one more time?" they were stressed.

i had to look up pictures on my phone and show them what lice looked like, and of course since they are magnetized 1000%, that helped...like...none.  stress...

i finally convinced them that it was really okay and that they were probably not going to get lice at the ball field to which i was only met with..."but i could, right?"
so i gave up and did a dance and sang real loud and changed the subject.  bless me.  this nanny stuff can get hairy.
ten minutes in -

she was mad at me.  i brought the wrong sippy cup and heaven forbid had filled it with water to HYDRATE her instead of MILK to curdle in the HEAT.  and had eaten all her snacks and the ipad had died.  ten minutes.
and lets remember, i had two boys to cheer on...and they were watching me to make sure i was watching them.

after crying and whining for most all of the game and having layers upon layers of dirt, she declared that she was just going to sleep.

what started as a stressful afternoon, ended great when he got the game ball.
boyfriend was excited.

and so was his nanny.

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