memorial day.

i just got out of the shower and was lathering my legs in lotion. what was on my mind was "why am I doing this? lotion just makes you sweat. oh heck. i'm on vacation, if I sweat I sweat. i'm wearing the lotion." and immediately I thought to myself -hold up- I AM on a mini vacation THAT is ONLY because so many other men and women haven't had that three day weekend. they gave up of themselves unselfishly.

i don't have a great military story that will touch your heart. i do have a best friend who has moved around the world with her two babies in tow so her husband can give his all in the military; and she gives her all as well to her husband, her babies and military life. Melinda and Aron, you're on my mind today.

my cousin Kiley, I went to the air force academy in Colorado springs loooong ago so he could visit and then later he attended there and has committed his life to military service still, as he and his wife now move to Korea.

while I have been here on a mini vacation in atlanta, enjoying a three day weekend. so as you're throwing another world class prize winning rib on the grill today, let's not forget why we have this day.

thank a soldier today, past and present. get your babies, hold them and tell them why mama and daddy are off from work today.

thank you all who have served. i will never forget all you have done.

happy memorial day all.

(ps: this was written and composed from my phone so please excuse the typos. please?)

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Brooke said...

What a great reminder about the true meaning of memorial day. Thank you!

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