emily maynard kills shelly.

well isn't chris harrison looking dapper at the beginning of the show?

chris (the other one, not the harrison one) gets the first one on one date tonight with emily.  
and girlfriend really thinks he's cute.  she tells him every time she sees him, she totally has a school girl crush.  i love this outfit emily has on for this date.  so casual, but sexy, but fun and practical.  girls got good taste and a better stylist.  the storm and lightning rolling in during the whole climbing up the building would have freaked me out and i am not easily freaked out.  i like how she said there was no one else she would rather have by her side - when she is hanging from the side of a building in a lightning storm - i might rather have someone familiar than a guy i barely know.  but that's just me and i am not bachelorette material.  i shop at old navy and target.
oh snap, now luke bryan is singing about his "speakers going boom boom" and emily is loving it. i have to say they are pretty cute dancing in that parking lot.  i am having a hard time focusing though, because of brads outburst in his best slang east tennessee voice, "you make my speakers go boom-boom" times ten times.  it's actually quite hilarious and entertaining and waaay better than these commercials.

group date notes:
ryan needs to calm down with the tanner, or the tanning.  
are all those women REALLY her friends?  like her best friends?  really???
wendy is out of control, i bet "mr. wendy is gonna be mad at wendy!"
wendy says to sean, "you'd look good in a cape and spandex."
tony is really missing his boy and emily goes ahead and sends him home.
gotta commend doug for talking it out with tony like a man.
rose goes to sean.  good choice emily.
and i like your skirt too.

ari - the last one on one
aaaaaand they go to dollywood.  helicopter asks him when he gets the date card if he can drive a stick shift.  really???? he's a race car driver.
and helllllo dolly.  i love me some dolly as much as emily.  i think this date was way more fun for emily than ari, but he has major points because he will be associated with dolly.
and who does't love dolly.  and that song "from here to the moon and back..." i mean, love.  i love love. emily gets girl talk with dolly...i mean, a girls dream come true.
and then ari gets some major carousel action.

oops moment:  one of the 'dros tells emily that she and little ricki would be a compromise so he goes packing.  note:  boys if you are over twelve, there is NO excuse to have hair like that.  none.  

next week:
headed to bermuda
kisses from arie
too many yellow shirts
cat fight with the boys.  yes!
ryans truw colors start to show
my fingers are crossed that wendy comes too!


Anonymous said...

"One of the 'dros" - HA! Love it! Great recap, love. I am loving Chris & Arie...and my recap is up too! Yayy.

Keep Shining,

Ashley said...

Her friend was a little out of control... haha... cracked me up!

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