no words needed.

not gonna lie, i just got finished watching the bachelorette and i can't get dolly's song "from here to the moon and back" out of my head.  such a sweet song and provided an even sweeter melody for the blog as i begin to write.

brad and i were in georgia for the weekend.  we had no plans in nashville and decided a get a way was in order.  i love road trips, and i love road trips with just brad.  the road trips where you talk and talk and talk or sometimes the ones where you sit in silence for minutes and hours and just enjoy each others presence. i have always said you know someone well when you can be quiet in their presence.  you know, no fillers?  no words needed.  just be.  those in between moments of silence sometimes are my favorite.

so with that i will show you our trip in pictures.  no words needed.

from here to the moon and back.  dolly's sweet words are still hanging out in my head singing to me, and offers such a sweet reminder of love.  it was a good weekend, this past month has been a really tough month for me and it was nice to get away with my only cares being locating the nearest starbucks and keeping up with the kardashians my camera.  

i feel filled up as i start this week off with tuesday.


Anonymous said...

You two are awesome. Love these photos - I'm jealous of your little getaway. ;)

Keep Shining,

Ashley said...

I loved that song too... except parts of it reminded me more of my kids than hubby. :)

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