what's going on...what's going on...what's...

1.  breakfast was pretty this day.  bagal, faux peanut butter, strawberries.  
(tasted yummy too!)
2.  lil but made this for me and said, "look, caca 'esss you!"
apparently i'm all lips and nose.
3.  clearly a dead ringer for me.
she's such an artist.
4.  "hey, caca.  this needs to charge."
seriously.  cracking me up.
she knows my phone charges in the front seat, hence does hers.
5.  homemade cake for mom
(icing recipe here)
6.  iced coffee afternoon so i wouldn't end up like the pup.
7.  apparently mr. potato head needed to be all over IG this week.
(dance paaaar-taaay.  look, i'm a nanny, sometimes you just have to find entertainment 
when the two year old won't do it for ya...)
8.  does IT get cuter?  i think not.
9.  renovating the back of the house.
aka.  bob the builder is hanging out back.
and that girl is excited.
...more on that later.
10.  girlfriend was RACING to get to brad when she saw his car.
(i was right on her heels.  we love that guy.)
11.  the squirrels, bunnies, cats, birds, chipmunks, opossums, foxes (no JOKING here)
have taken over our yard.
we bought a zoo.
12.  i HATE these carts.  they are too long and i can't drive them.
i have to come up with every excuse in the book to avoid them 
when lil bit sees them.
i lose most of the time.
13.  seriously.  i told my mom i wanted a yellow and grey quilt.
just in conversation.
a week later, this is what i got.
best mama ever.

wanna follow me on IG? 
you can find me at morrisonlane, i like to keep it simple like that.

happy friday folks.  i'm working ALL weekend and i'm excited about it.
what's wrong with me?


Kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Your blog is so cute! Ima following you now :)
Oh and I love Truly Lovely so that's how I found you!
Have an A-amazing day!

jessica dukes said...

hi kendra, thank you! and welcome. i am in the process of an overhaul right now, so please excuse the shape it's in... :-)

Brandy said...

Love her admiring her rainboots. So cute!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I've always thought Mr. Potato head was interesting myself... ;) Happy weekend friend! Thanks for sharing the icing link!

jordan said...

hey brandy, i know that was a lucky shot and so so sweet. too bad i missed the opportunity with the real camera! :-) thanks for the comment.

and kassi, of course, wanted to link back to you all again and will as much as i can. :-) happy weekend to you, hope it's fun and relaxing. :-)

jordan said...

and jordan is jessica dukes...i am signed in under another name...so mysterious...i know!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Just saw these Jordan comments... Is this like an AKA or like a other identity known only in certain circles... ;)

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