and Ryan is still talking...

-glad she cleared that up, I was worried little ricki was in her suitcase in the opener.

- wow, Croatia hotels are nice. I pictured them ...not as nice?

I can't wait to hear him talk for an entire date. this is gonna be awesome. how is it possible that Emily is this cute all the time? I like how the guys always say how awesome their dates are. hello!!!! look at your surroundings! you ain't in LA anymore!

BACK AT THE HOUSE - oh no he didn't. Ryan has on a girls tank top for boys that think they are muscular. gaaaaa. those are terrible. terrible!

BACK TO TRAVIS - dinner -
I just don't see them meshing. I don't know. we'll see...

BACK AT THE HOUSE - Ryan is still running his mouth. there's a shocker. I think I have a friend like him. group card has arrived and Ryan gets the next one on one - let the traaaaaaash talking begin! why do I kinda like him?

look at Travis opening up and really talking to her. proud of that boy. go Travis. why am I proud of him? I don't know him. this show!

see, see, see!?! I knew it. I knew she wasn't feeling it. I am good...
Travis needs to call me, I got a friend I need to hook him up with! for real, Travis...I have a hot girlfriend that would like you! call me and I WILL HOOK A BROTHER UP.

aaaaand they are watching a cartoon together. painful. I would not have liked this date. AT ALL. Sean is so well spoken. I like that guy. wow, those guys look pretty good in kilts - that's pretty impressive.

now they are gonna hunger game (highland) it out for the prize. Chris and the arrow, oh my. I like his excuses. i don't blame the poor fella.
oh's a double rainbow....somebody, that YouTube video now...

now everyone has donned the kilts and are suited up for a fancy dinner. and Emily and Sean are cute and like each other. and Emily and Ari are cute too and really like each other. oh wow - they a talkin' and a kissin'.

BACK AT THE HOUSE - sènor hot head has enjoyed his day alone. primping. clearly. note: I had a friend once who said she was hot all the time like "I mean I know I'm hot and all..." yeah, we aren't friends anymore.

jef is just precious and just likes her. and I like him. he better be a good guy because I think he is. that orange blanket is not good with his shirt. he said "I'm frikkin crazy about you..." he is precious!

I'm surprised she gave Chris the rose
are you? I just don't see them together!

I don't know if I can stand hearing him talk for an entire date. I bet the boys are like PRAISE THE LORD we have a break from him for a day!
his inner billy graham just can't help it but come out all the time also, his inner...full of crap. and she's sending him home! wow...but NOW he can get what he wants! TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR. ughhhh.

and he's not leaving because HE IS STILL TALKING. OH MY GOODNESS JUST LEAVE! he is gonna talk her into staying. IS HE GONNA TALK HER INTO STAYING? twice she has told him he can't have the rose...AAAAAN HE IS STILL TALKING.

I think the producers cut him off. because he would still be talking. you know he would be. oh my gracious!

the hallelujah chorus is erupting.

BACK TO RYAN - because he is still talking. good lord. SHUT. UP.

oh that Ari just snuck out. that little trickster. bonus kisses and points for Ari. oh those boys are gonna be mad at him. daddy Doug is gonna get you!

I like Doug. he's a great guy I think. poor fella is crying.

let the bromances continue cause we all going to Prague!

next week:
Ari used to date a producer. oops.
and he never told Emily. oops.
he might be racing home. oops.

p.s. Travis have your people emails my people, cause I got your girl. really! I'll hook a brother up! I'm not kidding. Travis, hear me? I gotsta find this boys twitter account.

p.p.s. some where out there early this morn' Ryan is still talking...


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness... Ryan just wouldn't be quiet! I love how he says he hopes they don't portray him to be arrogant. Cracked me up! I can't wait till next week!

jessica dukes said...

i know, but its gonna be soooooooooo boring without ryan! all the guys left are, dare i say it, nice and normal...or so they seem. duuu dum dum dum...

Christina said...

I am kinda sad about this season. I was hoping it was going to be clean. Granted there are not hot tub scenes like they promised, but I think Emily is kissing (really kissing some of them) way too many of the guys. When she looks back on this someday I don't think as a Mom she is really setting that great of an example. You can begin a very wonderful relationship with a peck of a kiss not full on kissing. Also she really does not look that happy a lot of times when the camera catches her at certain angles. My picks are Sean & maybe Doug.

jessica dukes said...

I like Sean an Doug too. I like Jeff too! maybe ricki won't watch...surely not! and I agree!

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