i'm allergic to sexy and a letter to heidi klum.

this weekend was brads birthday.  saturday, but we started celebrating last monday.  i love a birthday, surprises and planning a party.  so it might be june but that doesn't mean i'm not going to start thinking about the best ideas ever in january.  note to self:  i gotsta quit doing this because i am about to run out of great ideas.
before we dive in all head first birthday go big or go home style, there are other pressing matters i must attend to (uh hum... read: i need time to edit the pictures)

thursday brad and i had date night.  we try our best to have a date night once a week, because let's be honest who doesn't like to go to dinner every once and a while and because i am a nanny, i sometimes go a while without showering and dressing like for real...so once a week i like to hit it out of the park and when brad gets home shock him with make up and fixed hair and non workout clothes...then he is in such shock, he takes me to dinner.  works like a charm.

also, i hate lotion.  hate the stuff.  it makes me sweat.

but, i had bought this a few months ago, and the whole "5x sexier" sold me in seconds, because who doesn't want to look 1x sexier? but 5x? and all you need to do is lather it up...sign this girl up.

thursday night was the night, i painted my nails all fancy with some color blocking action and then laid on the 5x sexy.  watch out heidi klum, you might have to let me borrow those runway shoes, 'cause i am about to take o-va.

except, i am allergic to sexy.

it wasn't ten minutes after the application of sexy that the back of my knees started itching like crazy and then the red bumps begin to appear all over.  sunday they just started going away.  i looked like i had been kissed by a rose it was so red.

dear heidi, 
you've got job security.  i'm allergic to sexy.


Katie said...

oh no! sorry for your allergic reaction. but thanks for making me laugh with this post. : )

Brooke said...

This made me laugh so hard. Allergic to sexy! Oh man. But really, I'm sorry that you had a reaction - talk about anti-sexy! False advertising, people.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh no!!! hahaha! Boo the sexy! That just means your own brand of sexy is totally enough! :)

jessica dukes said...

ha, now that's funny. my own brand of sexy...hahaha

jessica dukes said...

didn't quite workout the way I'd hoped! haha

jessica dukes said...

ha, you're welcome. it WAS pretty funny!

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