emily maynard picks jef AND sean.

i mean, i am picking them. for her.  oh, wait.  that can't happen!

brad says "i thought prague was a tad bit overrated." as the show opens.  i said, "i thought gatlinburg was too."  
ari - one on one 
date card lets czech out prague...
brad says "he's gonna check out something..."
emily is there to meet ari and she looks...beautiful.  thats odd.
hey blog readers...i look JUST like emily.  we are twins.  it's so weird.
i like emily - but girlfriend is being a little dramatic with the whole ari and cassie thing.  it was over ten years ago.  emily was fifteen then.  simma down, girl.
and then entrapment happens... emily!
(i just noticed chris harrison doesn't have his wedding ring on, that makes me sad.)
sometimes i think emily's hair looks orange.  brad pipes in "i think her hair looks fine to me."  no one asked you there, mister.

back at the house.
the boys are whining.  chris especially.
those boys like v neck shirts.
daddy doug's veins are popping, he must have just finished some pull ups.
john "wolf" gets the one on one on the date card and chris is dying inside.  at least, that's what he said.

back to ari-
me::  he doesn't love her.
brad::  he might.
me::  he doesn't love her!
brad.  something about her i bet he loves.
brad says her dress is very awful and it would look better on ari.

john (wolf) - one on one
he's got no chance, ari just told her he loves her.  womp womp.
brad:  "i would probably move in a little closer buddy."

the john lennon wall in prague

back at the house:
chris is going crazy.  boy needs to calm down.

back to john (wolf)-
that place is cool where they are having dinner, and i want to go there.  brad's been, how rude.
i like emily's hair pulled back, looks casual and easy. and not over done.
he might be over talking things.  brad says, "you might need to start striking the iron, buddy."
oh oh, he's going in for the kiss kiss.

back at the house...aka chris.
the waaaaaambulance is one the way dude.  chill.  out.
wolf is telling the boys his date was awesome with a capitol A.  and he's leaving it at THAT.

sean has to find emily.  and after yelling her name throughout the entire city, he finds her in a LONG DARK HALLWAY thing...what a surprise...THAT wasn't planned AT ALL.
are they going to get mexican?  'cause i think that's a mexican restaurant.
make out session ensues.  
i think he would be a great husband.  i think he would be the best husband out of her choices there.

group date - chris, sean and doug
chris.  stop.  tha.  whining.
doug is talking to emily during the one on one time with his arms crossed...hmmmm.
doug is going home.  i think he just isn't ready to be on a reality show, but i think that he will be a good boyfriend to someone on real life.  that's my two cents.
things are looking good for sean here, because chris is LOOSING it.  
"chris is going to be kissing the reminants of seans saliva..." -brad dukes
{brad's out.  he can't handle anymore.  
he'll be back for the rose ceremony he says.}
chris is telling her he is going crazy.  but he's not going to dwell on it.  ugh, yeah...you are.
and then chris looses his mind as she pins the rose on sean.  and then he said frikkin' crazy.

jef - one on one
jef is kind, solid and sincere.  i mean, i don't know him.  but i think he might be.  good job, jef - buying little ricki a marionette.  okay, this date is PRECIOUS.  i'm making tshirts with TEAM JEF on them.  who wants one?
brad's back.  he can't stay away from emily ME.
just think if emily and jef had kids, there hair would be awesome!  jef and emily are sweet together.  i like them together.

rose ceremony time.
and chris continues to melt like frosty.
and now THE CHRIS tells the boys that there will be no cocktail party and chris starts to get teary eyes, starts to pace and ari and sean are like nanny nanny boo boo! not really, but you know they are like...keep on melting down, frosty.

wolf goes home. because chris pretty much begged for the rose, in my opinion.
at least he gets to leave in a really cool car.

next week:
we meet some family.
emily is struggling.
and....our DVR cut off.  boo.

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