wiww: a day at the park

we went to the park the other day and i happened to have the camera (to take pictures of the fellas) and after lots of begging on their parts to please ms. jessica please let us take a picture with your nice camera.  please we want to take a picture of you! i caved and after strapping it to their wrist secure ten times over, we had a photo shoot.
the result is a combo of little fella photography and yours truly photography.
we are that talented.
check out his face while his brother takes our picture.  cracks. me. up.

this same night i went to bed in this tank top (it has rows of rows of small beads at the top) on and all the sudden i felt something, a bead, perhaps in my hand and then i felt a string.  so naturally i pulled the string and a thousand little beads fell off into. my. bed., my. hand., my. everywhere. in our dark room.

so here and now:  this shirt has been retired.  
you saw it here.  
it almost didn't make it.  

bye shirt.  you were good to me.

shirt and sweater:  old navy
jeans:  old navy
hat:  h & m
watch:  fossil
sandals:  report
sunglasses:  urban outfitters


the domestic fringe said...

I LOVE your shoes. So fun!

jessica dukes said...

thank you! I do too. I wear them nearly everyday!

Bri Buzali said...

I love that watch! and hat!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh man! Beads everywhere! ugh! CUTE outfit though!

jessica dukes said...

thanks girl.

jessica dukes said...

beads. ever. y. where. :-)

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