A to Z of my week.

can i be real real a moment?  like for a whole blog?
here's whats going on.

a.  dad fell and broke his hip.
b.  he's had parkinsons for 25 plus years.
c.  revocery, well...i'll let you imagine.
d.  they live an hour away.
e.  we have just adopted a pup that can't figure out the night time routine.
f.  we have just adopted a pup.  period.
g.  i lost my cell phone.
h.  like, i lost it forever, its gone.  like "not lost, oh there it is in the couch..."
i.  like fell out of the buggy in target and gone.
j.  dad fell and broke his hip and is in the hospital.
k.  i don't know my mom, brother or nephews cell numbers.
l.  all my contacts, vital information, everything...in my phone.
m.  no lock code, nothing.  just out there for the world to see.
n.  jessica has no phone.
o.  jessica doesn't call to check on her dad for two days because...
p.  i don't know numbers.
q.  when i call to report my phone lost the guy says he can't locate it.
r.  so i go to AT&T to get a replacement that said man would cost $99.
s.  said man was wrong.  it cost $549.
t.  jessica had to try hard not to cry at the phone store.
u.  jessica left with a GO phone that cost $19.  it makes phone calls.
v.  jessica should be thankful she has a phone to call and check on her dad.
w.  jessica is mad.
x.  jessica borrows a iphone 3g from her best friends ten year old.
y.  jessica hated her 3g phone and told it that every day.
z.  now jessica has a iphone 3g that is not hers that works but doesn't take pictures well at all.

jessica needs to learn to be thankful in her circumstances.  jessica also needs to be thankful period.
jessica has had a long week and is THANKFUL that it is friday.

p.s.  anyone have any tips on how to get a new phone?

how's that for real?
how's your week been?


Crystal said...

Oh Jessica sounds like you have had a sucky week! Sorry! I've never lost my phone, thank God, but I know of people going on ebay and buying phones at a much cheaper rate. I think the key is you have to make sure you are getting a phone that has a card in it compatible with your service provider. Not sure if that helps. Good luck! And Amen it's Friday!

Alicia said...

prayers for an easier week to come, for a new phone to make its way to you. so sorry that you've been presented with these trials friend!
as you know, God is in control and will get you through this too!

Jane Goodman said...

Hi Jess, last week, we were just talking about praising God through whatever comes our way. I blogged about it on July 19. These things really hurt, but somehow, someday, it will be worth it. (A friend at our church died last Sunday in a motorcycle wreck. He was only 42.)
These momentary light afflications, can't remember the reat of that verse, but you know the one, something about they can't compare with the glory that awaits us. Cute puppy!

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