colorado, mom, and loving one another...thoughts on a sunday.

first of all, i want to apologize for the insensitivity of my last post.  when i posted it, i had not heard of the colorado shootings that had just happened hours before.  that compared to loosing a cell phone and not being able to post on instagram, well...not comparable.  what happened in colorado is absolutely horrible, sad and tragic.  and honestly, something i think about most times i go into a theatre, that very thing that happened.  its something i have thought about my entire life.  i have watched the news and interviews with the parents and siblings and CAN NOT imagine the heart ache they feel today and will continue to feel because if this senseless act of violence.

we went to see the new batman movie at 8 am on saturday morning and in my mind the entire movie was the victims,  it was an unnerving feeling of being there seeing the same movie and thinking how they were just like me.  i am so so so sorry this happened.  to say this world needs jesus more than ever is so true.
then yesterday i was talking to my mom on the phone and she was talking about her cousin who is battling cancer.  she sounded tired from her day which included all sorts of things but the biggest was being at the hospital with dad, loving on him and being with him.  watching the one she has loved for fifty plus years go down hill before her eyes.  watching him be in pain and suffer, she has been constant and true to him her entire life, but these past few years "through sickness and health" has well, been more than just four words.  she is tired and she keeps pressing on.  she has every reason to throw in the towel and say, "i just can't do this..."  she doesn't complain, she bathes dad with a smile, changes his clothes while making jokes and is always upbeat.  when i was talking to her last night she said with weariness in her voice, "you know jessica.  i have it made compared to some people.  it's like i'm driving a cadillac."  when i hung up the phone with her, i just cried as i was telling brad what she had said.  what a woman.  what an example.
brad and i were talking this weekend and i kept telling him, if we loved one another like jesus called us to, this world would be so so different.  the bible says plenty of things, but more passages than anything is about love.  "love one another."  if we just loved one another, like really really LOVED them.  who cares if you are a different religion, hard to love, gay, straight, mean, not attractive...whatever the reason would be to "not love that person because it isn't easy..." love them anyway.  think about it.  if we treated everyone with love.  EVERYONE.  how different would this world be?  if we didn't get all caught up in judging others because they might believe a different way or be a different way...or who cares.  if we just LOVED people.  because really, we are all the same.

and that, my friends, are some sunday thoughts.
what are you thinking about today?


Mrs. T said...

Such great reminders. Thank you for this!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I hear you girl. So heartbreaking what happened. There's just so much sadness and bad in the world. It's all we can do to just keep plugging along and really love those around us.

jessica dukes said...

Amen girls!

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