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i am a marketing persons DREAM.  my best friends say "if its marked limited edition, jessica's gonna want it!"  and that is so true.  package it well and i am sold.  i have been trying to think of something to come up with to share things i use and love once a week..this week we are going to focus on hair.

i recently, after having dark hair my entire life, went lighter, like really light.  i go to a bumble and bumble salon and usually tend to use aveda product.  but since i am spending more money than ever to look just like emily maynard's twin, i needed to find something a little cheaper as far as product but comparable to the brands i had used it the past.

my stylist told me i needed to get some shampoo for blonde hair---i was at the grocery last week and saw this shimmer lights and immediately was taken back to the days when i still lived at home and mom used this god awful purple shampoo for grey hair...i am sure i used some brand of teen spirit that was way fruitier and of course much cooler...yeah well, that was then.  this is now.  guess what i love for this blonde huuur?
shimmer lights baby.  if you have blonde or grey hair and don't wanna break the bank.  try it.  it really made my color last.  i am a fan.
suave infusion keratin.  i really wanted and needed a keratin treatment since my hair was done well, but still over proccessed.  but again, cost.  i saw this and thought i would try it.  it is amazing how GREAT it makes my hair feel.
shimmer liiiiights AND suave keritan...
it's almost like i don't have hair that is totally NOT NATURAL.  
because my hair feels so amazing.
then there are those days...yes, days---(you do it too!) well, that i don't wash my hair.  and then brad says, "hey lets go grab a bite of dinner."  like in public.  and i looks like a girl with unwashed hair.
dove dry shampoo.  yeah, i thought this was for roller set grandmas too.  well, i am a fan.  spray some of this right in the part...and look at my freshly washed huuuur, brad...could we go to dinner already?
dove dry conditioner.  last but not least.  this was bought by mistake, but i LOVE it.  probably something i have discovered lately that i love the most.  if you just feel like your hair needs a little extra love, well, here you have it.  works great.

p.s.  i painted my nails this week.  errr, yesterday.  went all crazy and well, you'll see...

p.s.  that first picture is totally crooked.  so that is making this entire post look all kati-wompas.  huh?  do you see it?  just hold your head a little to the left and you'll be fine.


Shannon Dukes said...

I have LOTS of white (not gray) hair! Tell me what shimmer lights does! I think I need some keratin too!

jessica dukes said...

its so great! its mostly for light hair...yours is dark! i think you need MORE grey before i give you permission to use it. you know i went to hair school, so you better listen to me! :-)

Danielle Leal said...

So pretty! I love your nails! The colors are perfect! I just picked up Nail Junkie for 99 cents today!!! Eeek! I can't wait to try it. haha.
I hope you have a fantastic day!

Steph And Laura said...

Oh I love those nails!! Not sure if you want to spend the extra money but Redken makes a shampoo for blondes that is to die for! It's called Blonde Glam. I've never heard a complaint about it!!

Sourire11 said...

Hello! I'm following you back! Love the green nails.... I"m always afraid to go green or blue. I think I'm going to have to try it!

jessica dukes said...

danielle, thanks! yeah, nail junkiw is FUNNN! and back at cha, hope you have a great day too!

steph and laura, yes, i know that redken product! i havent used it but have used it on other girls in hair IS great!

sourure11...girl, thanks! i know...i am always red, pink or orange...not crazy green...and then i did this! im so crzy. haha

Pamela said...

Lookin' good! new follower - hope to get a follow back!~

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I found your last two posts very touching. It is amazing how much we can take for granted and not be grateful for the big things we have in life. Sending good thoughts to your dad (the big stuff) and loving your manicure (the little stuff).

learning table said...

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by my blog--I'm following you back and glad to have found you, too. Your writing is delightful, and I'm looking forward to checking in and reading what you're up to. My grandmama used that blue stuff too, and her hair really looked blue. Beautiful, but definitely blue!

jessica dukes said...

pamela-followed ya back!

maria-you are so right and thank you for the kind words.

learning table-thank you for the writing compliment, that means a lot. ha, love the blue hair!

:-) girls,i love ya.

xo, Jersey Girl said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, happily following back :)

I love me some Purple Shampoo!!

xo, Jersey Girl

Renée Andrea Reddy said...

Jessica! What a cute mani, I am loving the mint nail polish and the glitter accent nail! Yay for glitter inspired manis this week! Thanks for the follow chicita, following right back :)

jessica dukes said...

jersey girl and renee-
thanks thank thanks! AND thanks for the follow back. making my day! :-)

Aimee said...

Thanks for the get well wishes on my blog! I'm feeling a little better today. I LOVE that green color you used. So pretty but a little muted for everyday. Are you a fan of the Essie Good To Go? I haven't used it, I usually use Seche Vite but it gets so thick so fast. Let me know what you think :)

Denissa said...

Your nails are adorable! LOVE mint polish and the accent :)
Thanks for stopping by and the follow, following back!
Have a great day!

Cassidy said...

Totally love the mint nails with the accent glitter nail! I love glitter. I need to do more with it.

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