dancing through the storm.

it was a hard week.  so hard in fact, i was texting with my mother in law and i texted the word "week" spelt "weak."  and thought about it before i sent it and still deemed it spelt right, until i pushed send and then realized i had spelt it wrong.  four letter words were getting me this week.  i like to think that i am pretty tough and a go with the flow kinda girl, see the glass half full side of life.  this week though, i felt fragile, weak and tired.  i felt like i needed brad more than ever and i just needed answers to some tough  problems that didn't have answers.

i am also that girl that when faced with something ugly, i always say, "oh, it'll work out."  or "just think when we look back at this a year from now, we will laugh."  yeah, well...those weren't the solutions this week and it was hard.

so you know what i did?  i shut my computer, didn't even open it until today and when i wasn't working - i was with brad just being.  it's funny how god has our lives planned out for us.  i didn't even know brad four years ago, but god in all his might knew that this week he would be my rock.  i think that's pretty awesome.  sometimes i like to look up at heaven and say, "oh god!" like you knew this all along, didn't you?

this week, i am looking forward to putting my best foot forward. climbing out of the funk and not letting the hard things knock me on my back.

and you know what...when storms come...i am learning to find my galoshas, a great puddle and dance through the storm.


Bri Buzali said...

What an awesome post, and a great attitude. I'm sorry you had a rough week. I hope things are getting better, and I think a weekend of just unplugging is the best thing! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That a girl! :) I'd jump in a mud puddle with ya! Sorry it's been a rough one! Glad you've got Mr. Brad there to make it better!!!

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