new bracelets (and a giveaway.)

i have seen some cool gals around nashville wearing tons of arm candy lately in the form of just natural beads, so simple but really makes a statement that i love.  you know that statement that says "look at my natural arm candy!" what am i even talking about?
so, what's a gal to do? make some!

oh my gosh, and they turned out awesome.  i think i have worn them every day.  my arms starting to hurt through because i hold it out for all to see---that's a joke.  my arms not hurting, BUT my wrist has neva looked better!

and i'm all about sharing the wealth, errr, beads, errr, bracelets.
sooo, its a GIVEAWAY!
-=+-+=-CUE THE CONFETI-=+-+=-
here's the deal.  it's easy.  
1.  follow my blog.  
2.  and then tell me you follow it in the comments below.
3.  if you already follow morrisonlane, just tell me.
4.  you can always tell me your favorite bracelet too.
5.  in one week from today, i pick a winner and THEN mail you three bracelets.
6.  you are welcome to tell me which three you prefer.
7.  LUCKY.

woo hoo, now we can be twins!
i'm excited, are you excited?

now go tell everyone you know...morrison lane's makin' braaaaceletsssss.

OH, p.s.  so my wrist is not a size tee-tiny, so tell me what size bracelet you usually wear and i can make it to fit.  i promise.  cross my heart.

giveaway ends next tuesday.


Alicia said...

you know i follow you and i love a good give a way! woo hoo!btw, i love all of them! super cute!

Sar said...

I totally follow! Duh.

I love the teal circle beaded one!

brooke r said...

How fun! I definitely already follow you! I"m so impressed with your bracelets. I love all of them, too!

Melodee said...

I follow your cute blog, and they are all adorable! BUT I love the teal circle one the most:)

Melodee said...

I follow your cute blog, and they are all adorable! BUT I love the teal circle one the most:)

Suzanne said...

I'm a follower :) along with everyone else, I love the teal circles - so cute!

jessica dukes said...

I love the teal
Circles the best too! And I almost didn't buy those beads. They are so cute on your skin too!

Alicia V. said...

I follow your blog and have been a devoted reader for a while! On top of being a newlywed and past nanny as well; I used to watch Henry in college so I love the random updates I get on him through you :) The teal circle one is definitely my favorite but they are all so pretty!

Jane Goodman said...

You know I am a follower, noticed the braclets when I saw you, but too many other things going on. I forgot to ask you about them. Nice work. You are so crafty!

Earl-Leigh said...

Of course I follow you! I can't believe I almost missed out on this giveaway. (boo morning sickness)

Earl-Leigh said...

Turquoise cross!!!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm in LOVE with all of them!!! I follow your blog of course! :) I have no idea what bracelet size I am...

Wednesday Addams said...

They are great! :)
I'm following your blog and I liked the 1st and the 4th bracelet, going from left side to the right.

Rita said...

Beautiful...and I already follow your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, duh, I follow you!! Hope I win; these bracelets are ADORABLE!!

Danielle Leal said...

I follow your blog! Those bracelets are beautiful! I love them all!

~julee~ said...

Did I miss the giveaway? Those bracelets are so cute, so I hope not!

(I follow on GFC!)

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