that time i stuffed my panties with toilet paper.

 "you better go put some toilet paper in those panties." is one of my favorite childhood stories when i tell the one about being told repeatedly to do my one chore.  dad had told me that i had all day to take out the trash while he was at work and if i did not do it, there would be consequences.  he went to work and came home eight or so many hours later, and myself eight or so many hours later had not taken out the trash.  dad came in and asked if i had taken the trash out, i said yes.

cue the theatrics.

as he walked to the trash i begged him not to look.  sometimes i am clearly not smart either.  

i didn't do my one chore.  and then i lied to my daddy.

he told me i was getting a spanking.  

but "daaaaaddyyyyyyy, nooooooo.  please!  i'll take ittttt out noooooooow.  dadddddddddddyyyyyy!"

"you better go put some toilet paper in those panties."

and a whole roll later, i kid you not.  the holly hobby panties were packed with toilet paper and i was ready to receive my spanking (that i deserved) from my sweet, tenderhearted dad.  one soft whisper of a pat later {fo' real}, the laughable punishment was over and i was in the clear.  it was awesome.  my sweet daddy.

i walked directly to the trash and took it out.  through the tears.  because don't you know i cried and carried on like a baby.  i didn't want him to think it didn't hurt at all.

i'm smarter than that.
 what's your favorite childhood story?  
i'd love to know.

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Kassi Mortensen said...

Oh gosh! That's too funny!!! hahaha! At least he let you add a little padding. ;)

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