turkey burger sliders (knock off krystals)

these are so yummy, i have been making them lots lately because they are yummy and easy AND you feel like you are eating krystals and you totally are eating something good for you.  #winning (thank you charlie sheen)

turkey burger:  i pat them out in squares, 'cause remember i am pretending i work at krystals?
i like to put some garlic salt/powder...whatever i have...and cook them on the stove/grilling works too.
slider buns:  i got these at the publix bakery, but you can get them at your local grocer. 
toast them or not.
to finish off the krystals taste, just add mustard and pickle and there ya have it.  
make them at two in the morning if you really wanna feel official.  

this night we had corn on the cob with them, delicious and so so good!
easy?  so so easy!  
try them and let me know what you think.
or better yet, come over for dinner!

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