wiww: that time i needed a slip.

and then i went back inside and put a longer slip on...
see those legs shining through like an xray?  nice.  classy even.  i know.
jacket and dress:  old navy
shoes:  nine west
necklace: bird nest (gift from a friend)
other one...ugh, its my bosses.
watch:  fossil


Pamela said...

LOVE the necklace!
that is too funny - been there!

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Hi, Jessica! Love your dark denim jacket and your messy (on purpose) bun is adorable. ~Sarah

Melodee said...

super cute! funny about the slip:) and the xray leg showing though!

jordan said...

thanks sarah! yes, it was messy on purpose! :-)

ha, thanks melody!

and thanks pam!

Alicia said...

LOVE the necklace!

the domestic fringe said...

Love your outfit. You look very pretty. Great maxi dress.

Veralynn said...

This is a great outfit, slip or no slip. Okay, maybe slip.

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I'm glad to have connected with you through WIWW! I'm your newest follower. Feel free to stop by anytime.


~julee~ said...

The dress is so cute & I love it w/the jacket.

I've been skipping slips this summer. It's just too hot for one more layer. :)

Kassi Mortensen said...

Love the dress and the jacket together!!!

Hannah @ Tattoos and Pearls said...

Ha! I would be too lazy to go back inside and put a slip on. Way to go girl! Love your bun!

Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

Lisa Phelps said...

That is a great looking dress. I am surprised that you had a second longer slip. Seems like most women don't even own one slip anymore much less two.

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