horseshoe showdown {labor day fun}

when brad and i were on our road trip, the subject of horseshoes came up and instantly brad started bragging on his horseshoe super-powers.  and before he could catch his breath, i was like:

wooooaaaaah, have you seen my mama play horseshoes?  she rings them everytime.  not every other time.  e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e.
so do i.  i could totally beat jane [my mom].
yeah, i'm not sure you realize what an athlete she is.  she is really good at horsehoes.
pul-ease.  not only will i beat her, i will clobber her.

and since i like to stir the pot, i interrupted him mid conversation and called my mama.  through laughter, but OF COURSE supporting my husband i said, "mama, brad totally thinks he can beat you at horse shoes!"
jessica, he CAN'T beat me.  i ring 'um every time.
i know, that's what i told him.  
so he thinks he can beat me, huh? well, the next time y'all are here, i'll show him.

fast-forward.  and lookie here, it just happens to be labor day.  and on this day o' no labor my mom's family is hosting a picnic and the main event is (drumroll please) duh-duh-duuuuuuum 
A HORSESHOE tournament.  
mama:  jessica, can y'all come on labor day.  we are having a horseshoe tournament.  and i need to show brad how to play horse shoes.
jessica:  sure, let me ask brad.
jessica:  BRRRRAAAAAD, can we go to mom's on labor day.  y'all are having a showdown.  if you are smart, you might want to team up with her, instead of against her.
brad:  i'm gonna beat her jessica!
jessica:  mama, we'll be there.

guys, my mom is a natural athlete.  like incredible.  i think if there had been WNBA back in the day, she might have went pro.  once my senior year of highshool, the girls team (i stink) played ball against the moms.  my mom was fifty four AAAAAND she scored fifty two points.  

a few years ago, she played golf for the first time, got a hole in one.  and said, "i don't know why people think golf is hard, there's nothing to it."  after nine holes under par, her first time playing.
so it happened.  there were brackets.  it was serious.  brad was out the first round.
mom, well...she took the grand prize.

i have pictures to prove it.

nobody said she was humble.

and brad, if you're reading this...

sorry for ya luck.
better luck next year.


Melissa Risenhoover said...

haha! Poor Brad. Your mom is so cute!!

Kim said...

Your mom could have been a lady vol!!!!

Team Stinson said...

I read this post to Kiley and we both chuckled several times.

Suzanne said...

Hahaha! That is awesome. Go mom!!

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