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i am the first to admit, i love me some eye liner.  amy winehouse adele eyeliner.  i like it thick and long and possibly a little too much with a point at the end.  all hail the eyeliner gods oh how i love thee.

i have a friend billy, who long ago, i asked him what his favorite features on a girl were.  he promptly replied eyeliner and her nose.  a response that i completely loved! although i remember saying, "billy!  eyeliner is not a feature!" but then when you think about it, good eye liner really is.  really, it is.

the older i have gotten though, when i put on a ton of eyeliner and then look at myself i think i look to "made up" and fake.  lately i have been veto-ing the eyeliner completely.  and if ya know me, like if you really really knew me, you would know that THAT IS CRAZY TALK coming from me.

but its so true.  here's whats been going on my face lately.  thanks for asking.

1.  this primer is incredible.  it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and cool and feel so good on the skin.  makes your foundation go on so much smoother and makes your make up wear so much better and longer.

2.  foundation.  i am still on the fence about this.  i am going to wear it until it runs out, but i feel like its a little thin.  fortunately, i have great skin and its okay if the coverage isn't awesome.  my boss wears this and everytime i have used it, i have LOVED it.  i am a fan of MAC product, so it;s no surprise that i love it.  maybe what i will get next.

3.  i love me some bronzer.  not ready to give this up like the eyeliner yet.  i like to wear it think and think.  read white trash possibly.  just kidding.  i think.  no really, this NYC bronzer is $3 at walgreens or target and i really do love it.  good as any major brand i have worn.  i mean, it IS bronzer after all.

4.  where has this been all my life?  not gonna lie, i love me some NARS orgasm but i found a sample of this NYC for a dollar and love it.  just dab it on the cheeks and then rub her in, so fresh and sun kissed look on the cheeks.  love.

5.  my sweet sweet mother in law gives me make up all the time. she knows me well.  i love all the bobbie brown and estee lauder she has given me.  wear the stuff daily, i mean, lucky, huh?  she gave me this mascara a few months ago and it is awesome.  love it.  i have about ten, maybe more mascaras that i love.  but currently this is my go to.

6.  eyelash curler.  please tell me you have one?  i think there is no point in even putting on mascara without one.  it makes all the difference in the world.  opens up your eye and makes your lashes so much longer.  don't get me started.

lastly, do you watch the michelle money and laura show on you tube?  all about make up and hair and those girls are funny, smart, and HOT.  sign me up for some beauty advice.  i want to be their friends.

tell me more.  what are your favorite have to have make up product?  i love me some product.

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Brittany Ann said...

I smash box primer. And I don't go anywhere(not even the mail box) without bronzer. I just bought this baked bronze powder with gold flakes from sally's.Addicted.

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