underwear and cheekwood.

if i had instagram right now, or an iphone for that matter (don't get me started...), or even, perhaps, a camera, i would have taken a picture of this moment that just happened.  here, let me paint a picture for you.

i was folding laundry and lil bit asked if she could help.  sure, i said, as i started haphazardly throwing her all of her brothers underwear i came across.  then gently i told her do this as i gave them the pop in the air to get al the wrinkles and folds out, then fold them like this as i folded them in half.  truth:  i don't fold underwear but it was better than asking a two year old to fold...the shirts.  she preceeded to "fold" the underwear and then harsly put them on the table as to which they would unfold. she repeated this until i had the rest of the load folded and ready to go to it's designated drawers.  then, one by one, she started hugging each pair of underwear saying oh, i love you until each little size 6 boys boxer briefs felt some love.

it would have been a great instagram picture.  or nikon picture.  i would have gotten tons of likes and i would have felt real cool.


i do have pictures of cheekwood though. i'll show you.  cheekwood botanical garden here in nashville is beautiful year round.
read botanical + garden = pretty.  
for the past few months, they have had a tree house exhibit and lil bit and i grabbed our sweet friend pam, pulled her arm, talked her into it, and we became a trio and spent the afternoon in the midst of beauty.
lil bit and her sweet face.
pam and her sweet heart.
me and my, ugh, camera.
here, i'll let the pictures do the talking.
want to know more about these tree houses, here ya go.
what a fun, peaceful afternoon, spent in lovely company.
don't you just love days like that? 
days that you wake up with no plans and then the day turns into something wonderful?


Earl-Leigh said...

I'm dying! She is so cute and I love the last photo!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I really need to take Waylon there! It's so cool!

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