so i've been thinking.

i've been thinking about a few things lately.  i'll let you in on them.

contentment:  being content with what you have.  what i have.

wealth:  the non money kind.  like rich because you have family, love and friends.  and things you need.

kindness:  we need more of it.  we could all be more kind.  

mercy:  we could all extend a little more mercy.  daily.  weekly.  hourly.

tv:  i need to start watching more and find some new shows.  'cause lately my tv habits are zero.

home:  i strive to make our home peaceful.  the ambiance, the feeling, home.  when you walk in the door you feel sheltered from the bad day, the world, the traffic you just drove through, the stress of the day.  you are home.  ahhhhh.

dog:  man i love our puppy peggy.  i have never had a pup before and i really like her.  even today i like her, even though she got up at four.  and then would not be still when she snuck in the bed with us forcing me to go to the couch with her on my heels.  i like ya, peggy.  i do.  

that's all i got this wednesday.
what about you?
talk to  me.

1 comment:

Kassi Mortensen said...

MORE tv?! That's my kind of girl. ;) I am so excited the fall season is about to start. Our tv watching as of late has been meh at best.

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