some funnies for ya.

i need to start this post just going ahead and telling you this.  when i sign in to blogger to write, daily, i always, without fail put in the wrong password.  the one that i keep using is as normal as my name to me and it just types right off my fingers without even thinking, and then i get the "your password was changed over four months ago" warning that really wants to say, "hey, dodo, you freaking know your password, write the new one already" and then i say to myself under a snicker of i can't believe i did that again and type in the correct password that was changed over four months ago.  clearly its not natural.

last night as we were going to sleep:
jessica:  hey, did you know that cesar milan, the dog whisperer, came to the US illegally???"
brad: hmmm, i love you.  good night.
jessica:  i love you too.
for some reason that conversation amused me.  i was all like can you believe cesar came here illegally and thinking brad was going to ask questions and then i could get on my pack leader pedestal but he shut me down before i even got started.  and i found it funny.  it's funny, huh?  he might have well said, "you know, don't really care."  but i like what he said so much more.

one of the fellas came home from school friday to a peggy [our puppy] greeting in the car.  i had picked her up to surprise the guys and as soon as he got in the car, he started rubbing her head sweetly saying, "peggy you are the sweetest little idiot."  "peggy, you are the cutest little idiot..." and being so so sweet.  as i observed the interaction i quickly realized that he thought idiot had the same meaning as something like silly.  so i told him that actually idiot was kinda like stupid and he knows that is one s word that you do not say, so quick fast and in a hurry fella didn't say that anymore, but while it lasted...good stuff.  so all weekend, i have been rubbing peggy saying "you are the sweetest little idiot" cause it's funny.  and brad's been rubbing my head saying the same thing.

no he hasn't.
that's a lie.
but it would be funny if he had, huh?

one more thing.  imagine in your best forest gump impersonation this phrase "peggy likes me."  that's exactly how lil bit sounds time and time again.  peggy likes me.  peggy likes me.  forest gump style.  it's awesome.

it's monday.
a new week.
make it a good one.

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