a little too much off the top.

since i'm the nanny i don't make the calls on the kids.  i do what i am told and then execute the plan in the best way possible.

take hair for example.

when i take the boys to get hair cuts, i do as i am told.  just a little trim, shorter on the sides and back.  you know, a big boy haircut.
well on said haircut day this guy was testing my patience just a tad bit.  he needed a little extra attention and love and i was the gal for the job, so while i got him settled with his hair cut just a little off, not too short, just clean it up, his one minute older brother was around the other side of the mirror getting what i thought was the same deal.
except when i rounded that corner and saw the #4 blade rolling across the TOP OF HIS head cutting of all those pretty locks of brown hair that his mama loves, i almost died right there.  yeah, it's just hair.  but i am the nanny.  i do as i am told.  twas not what i am told.  all i saw was me being fired in my future.
so i texted mom a big long text with a lot of i'm sorry and it was a misunderstanding and you know...that was after i begged the barber to just glue said hair all over the floor back to his head to which he said no.
luckily when we got home the electricity was out (thank you jesus i can hide him in the darkness!!!) and i knew i could get the kids to bed before their mom came home, so she wouldn't have to see his head until morning.
and you think i am joking.
this is serious.
but you know what hottie said as soon as he looked in the mirror?
oh ms. jessica, look how well you can see my nice face now!

i kept my job, but lets just say i think my barber rights may be revoked.


Alicia said...

One word.....hilarious!

Jamie Thompson said...

Yikes! Thats the worst feeling...nanny life problems #256...LOL I never experience this, but worse, kid cut their own hair. Try explaining that one!

Kassi Mortensen said...

Oh no! Well, since you didn't get fired, I can laugh right!? Too funny. I hear ya though... Kiddos with the cute locks that get a shortie haircut break my heart just a little... ;)

jessica dukes said...

oh my gosh! girls! i liked to have died! but its all good now...at least he likes it!

Amanda said...

A nice face, indeed--what a cutie! I love this story. :P

jessica dukes said...

ha, thanks amanda. yeah, boy knows he's cute. and his heart is even sweeter than his face. :-)

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