loving people well.

as i sit here right now curled up on the couch, with the smell on beef stew lingering in the crock pot, my feet a little chilly and a suitcase that still needs to be unpacked from the weekend.  i am aware of many things, but mostly...i feel thankful.

autumn does it to me.  makes me feel crisp, awake...brighter, whatever you want to call it---pick your favorite season, that's how i feel.  
this weekend my friend got some scary news about her dad.  today a friend of a friends husband passed away sudden and tragically.  friends struggling with trying to conceive and then a friend trying to keep that baby in there a little longer.  all scary and very real things.

makes me want to push everything else aside.  love on brad just a little better.  make those girlfriends that i love know that thy are loved by me.  makes me want to call my mom one extra time today.  makes me want to tell my brother i am proud of the man that he is.  this blog is nothing without the stories to write about.  

for me today, when you finish reading this blog, call your friend, call your husband, go call your pup...hug on those kids, tell them you really love them.  and then show them you really love them.  

go the extra mile.  love on someone thats unlovable.
make their heart full.
and then do it over and over again.

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