wiww {wraslin' edition}

monday nights we usually watch wrestling.  yes, i just wrote that sentence.  my name is jessica and i watch wrestling with my husband on monday nights.  i forgo dancing with the stars and castle for a later date so i can watch his favorite with him.  go ahead, tell me how great i am.


we all are so so busy, most of us work full time (if not more) and i think it is so important to not forget to spend time on your relationship.  even if it is something you would never in a million years do alone, if it is important to the other person, give a little, sacrifice---watch that show he wants to watch.  sit on the couch with your love and take interest in what he is interested in.

ask questions.
be involved.
be engaged.

well, lucky ME.  we didn't watch wrestling on TV monday night.  nope.

we watched it LIVE.
for real.

and because i have made a choice to spend the time with brad on mondays watching wrestling.  being engaged, listening, learning.  i know what is going on.  i could have a wrestling conversation with the best of them.

i don't say this to brag at all.  just to serve as a reminder to all of us.
spend time on your relationships.
invest in him.  even when you think you are going to be bored out of your mind.  you might surprise yourself.
because when i see brad happy and engaged, and then when he sees me honestly taking interest in what he is interested in---it matters.  he notices.

he also noticed that i didn't have workout clothes on and was dressed.  what do ya know?

busted out the first scarf of the season...i think it brought out the roots in my hair and how bad i need some color, but whatever.

and i am totally not that girl that totes her dog around everywhere.  do not call me paris hilton.  but she was dead set on chasing the birds and squirrels so girlfriend had to get in the picture.
she was just groomed so she was lookin' good too.

we had a fun night.
and in case you were wondering...

john cena's arm is still hurt.
vince mcmahon WAS there.
and cm punk is going to fight ryback in the hell in the cell match.
they signed the contract last night.

and i have pictures to prove it.  BAM.
shirt, jeans:  old navy
boots: target (last season)
scarf:  it's my bosses (woops)
lipstick:  bikini pink (my MIL gave it to me): bobbie brown


Amanda said...

I NEED that scarf.

jessica dukes said...

girl! i stole it from my boss!

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