and we are LIVE {morrison lane creative}

for a few months i have been working on a SUPER SECRET project.  well, it's not really super secret. but that made me sound like a big deal for a hot second so i went with it.

wanna know the secret?


how fun is that?  so head on over and have a look, even if you are not interested, i know you have to be a little bit nosy and are like hmmm, lets see what this gal is made of.  lets see if her stuff is cute or not...i know the deal.  i do it too.

i kept the title simple and went with creative so i can put anything in there.  i mean, martha stewart is not chained down to just spatulas. girlfriend makes ever.y.thing.

watch out martha, there's a new gal in town.

so seriously, go have a look.  
let me know what you think, will ya?


Alicia said...

awesome! super cute stuff!

Melissa Risenhoover said...

Yay for creative endeavors!! Super cute!!

Kassi Mortensen said...

Cute! Love that it's an extension of your blog name. Way to create a brand girlie!!!

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