little key.

most of the week last week, she requested that i call her little key.  and she in turn call me big key.  

my mother in law brought me back a beautiful keychain from europe and she [little key] is obsessed with it.  wants to carry my keys around for me [which is not always helpful...] and admires the little key all the while.

we often take a stroll to the mailbox during the day, to either mail some letters or check the mail---she likes to carry all the mail back to the house.  this take for.e.ver.  because she insists on carrying it all.  and she drops it letter by letter, magazine my magazine, junk mail by junk mail...and then squeals when i offer to help her because...she can do it herself.

some day i'll get that. and quit offering to help.

life gets so so fast and with sister i want her to know that i have time for her.  that she sees me and knows that i have all the time in the world for her.  that my phone is not important, whatever i have to do in the house is not as important as her...she is my priority when i am with her.

the time we have together i want to spend loving her, teaching her and nurturing in a way that she knows there is no other place in the world i would rather be than moving at a snail pace up and down the driveway smiling, laughing and making some pretty sweet memories.

and after all, ole little key.  she is pretty easy to love.

and you will never guess what we did once we got the the end of the driveway...
kick ball, anyone?


Ruthie Hart said...

that key is so gorgeous!!! I love old keys and skeleton keys, its like they tell a story yet we will never know it!

jessica dukes said...

i love it too, ruthie. its almost too pretty to be on my keychain!

Amy said...

What a sweet post! This is pretty much our identical scenario these days...mailbox, dropping mail, me trying not to rush life...all of it! What a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things that will surely seem to fly by much faster than we'd like!

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