my mother-in-law. {love}

as i became an adult and started praying for my future husband, i never forgot to pray for his family too.  you know the prayer like
...and lord, let his family be cool.  one that i can really bond with and love.  and that love me.  and let them live far enough away that we have to travel there for christmas.  you know because i love the whole presents in the back of the car, coffee in hand with gloves, driving in anticipation of seeing family and then ho, ho, ho, when we arrive it is like christmas threw up in the house and tis awesome.  please?  thank you jesus.  in jesus name, amen.
as much as you totally think i am joking, this is kinda how prayers go for me.  i like to talk to god like he is my friend.  i have lots of run on sentences with friends.  so god, who created me should get no different treatment.

amirite?  or amirite?

and then i married brad.  and then i inherited his awesome family.  who live two hours away.  cue bells ringing and jessica thinking oh my gosh.  i can not wait til christmas!  when he told me they lived a little ways away.  of course, i have enough cooth to not completely geek out then and there about all of our future christmas plans, babies, you know...again---normal, important stuff.

and then i met brad's sweet mom.  and what a gift she is on my life.  we text and email.  she has true joy when she sees me, and then on top of her over all spirit, she showers me with gifts.  and loves me because i am brad's wife.  she is someone i desire to spend time with and truly truly love that i am her daughter in law.  i got to see her this past weekend and when we are together i always find myself longing for more time with her.  what a gift she is to me.

and god totally giving me the fist bump saying i got you girl.  al those prayers for all those years.  there ya go.

and you know what.  every day i am thankful.

every day.

but today, i am especially thankful for her.

what are you thankful for today?


Amanda M. said...

I am blessed with an awesome mil as well. And I love that she lives 15 minutes away ~ close enough to visit my kids but far enough away that it's not an everyday thing! :) We are some lucky girls!

Kassi Mortensen said...

BE thankful for her girl! Always. We lost my MIL to a car accident a years ago. I loved her then, sure... but after they're gone, you realize how much they really do for you. How much they love you even though you're only theirs via their son. But that it doesn't even matter.

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