happy birthday dad!

today is my sweet daddys birthday.  
these are a few pictures from our wedding taken by katy meeks.
moms looking all hot and if she read my blog or knew how to log onto a computer she would see this and say, 
"lordy! jessica, i can not believe you would put that picture of me on your computer.  i look terrible!"
and i would laugh and say, 
"hush, you are cute."
and my dad would probably pipe in in his whisper of a voice and say,
"thats my bride."
happy birthday daddy!
my wish for you:
that cracker barrel replenishes their salt water taffy supply so you can finally satisfy your craving.

and y'all think i'm being funny.
dude can not get enough taffy.

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Kassi Mortensen said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!!

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