big hair with a flower on the side.

little key is still obsessed with, the little key.  but we've moved on to big hair as well.

when i got her ready for school, she said, "oh caca!  can we do pigtails that are really big, and puffy and beautiful?  ...with a flower?"

"CAN I do big hair with a flower???"  kid, i didn't go to hair school for nothing.  
belly up to the bar sink.

and it was perfection and butterflies and daisies until we walked outside and she skipped through the grass and her shoes got wet.

then i just reminded her about her beautiful hair...
and all was forgotten.


Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh so cute! definitely did the big hair with the beautiful flower too

jessica dukes said...

girlfriend has got some opinionated views!

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