raking [brooming] leaves.

it's rare these days since summer is over that i get two on one time with the little fellas.  they are in school now and it's me and you know who all day, and when i do have the boys, the little tag-a-long is there as well.

but last week, it just happened that she was sleeping and it was just us.  with a yard full of leaves for entertainment---whats a nanny with two boys to do but jump in the leaves!

after looking for the rake for  while, we came up with three brooms.  and you know what?  when you are seven, or not seven and have an imagination...brooms work great.  this picture makes me smile because it is so true of them.  blue shirt is the harder worker of the two while yellow in the background would much rather lay around while his brother does the work.

they were very specific about the circumference of the circle and how high they needed the leaves for the perfect jump.  i was glad to bow out gracefully and be the photographer...but i convinced them that raking was a blast.

can i tell you something?  not just because i love these two to pieces either.  but these boys are sweet.  kind hearted, empathetic, kind.  they never fail to impress me when we are with my parents or elderly people how genuine and kind they are to them.  they will talk and carry on a conversation and really listen to the elderly person.  it always really impresses me.

cause i'm not going to lie.  old people are not my thing.  give me a baby, toddler, a difficult preteen, whatever, and i can work some magic.  but i could learn a thing or two from these sweet fellas.

they are getting so big.  when i met them, they cried all the time.  non stop.  we would watch mickey mouse on repeat and when we couldn't handle that any more we would head to the bath, then more mickey mouse.  with them being twins, they would play on each other and when one would start crying the other would start...it was...loud.

it's a pleasure to get to help rear them and do my best in making them the best adults they can be.  by teaching them responsibilities now hoping it will transfer to adulthood.

sweet boys, growing up way to fast.

and whatever you do...just remember this [i keep forgetting...]

these are NOT stuffed animals.  they are stuffed humans.
i have been corrected about one thousand times.
stuffed humans, ms. j.  please remember that!
got it, seven year old.

p.s.  happy halloween.

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Kassi Mortensen said...

This looks like a ton of fun!!! :)

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