monday blues.

the dichotomy of happiness and sadness was almost overwhelming.  my heart was so heavy last week for some friends experiencing sadness no one should ever have to experience, but my heart was also thrilled for different friends last week experiencing ultimate joys.

it was an exhausting week.  my family is happy and healthy and i am thankful.  but watching those around you suffer, makes you close your computer, love on your husband a little tighter, love on those friends a little better and kiss your poodle one more time.

i thought about taking a blogging break for the rest of december, but then i knew you'd miss me too too much so i'm still around.  you are welcome.

last week did have good things:
two concerts - king khan on monday, ray lamontagne on thursday.
i got a ray lamontagne HATCH SHOW PRINT.
i found peggy two sweaters in the dollar bins at target. 
my friend had a birthday and we celebrated her
lil bit named changed her elf on the shelfs name from dr. daniel to cinderella
i took a vacation day and my BFF and myself shopped for the entire day, and ate dessert.
on above day, we also went to starbucks twice.  (that was our goal for the day because we are simple creatures and easily amused and like to keep our goals achievable.)

today though:
i had an off day, and at 9 am, brad decided to take an off day too and we snuck away for a day date.
it was just what my heart needed to feel renewed, happy and energized for the week.

and just to prove god has a sense of humor---on the way there it was poring down rain and i prayed
 "lord, please let it stop raining until we are headed home."
it stopped raining until we headed home.
remind me next time to pray UNTIL we get home.

have a happy week friends.
oh, and while you are here, go check out new blog design make me happy.  it is BEAUTIFUL.


Lisa said...

you are just too sweet. thank you, friend :)

Amanda said...

Lifting your hurting friends up in prayer--and hoping better times are on the horizon.

And what a sweet date day.

Kassi Mortensen said...

A day off with the hubs is just the ticket! ;) Hope it's a better week for you and all your friends.

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