vince gill eats breakfast.

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so this guy.  we'll call him vince gill since THATS HIS NAME ate breakfast where brad, myself and our friend dave at breakfast this morning.
let it be known.  i love vince gill.
i love brad.  but i-LOVE-vince-gill-long-time.  

here's how it went down.
we were walking in a well known eating establishment, i would tell you, but i am just protecting vince people, and there he was.  i squeezed brads hand and possibly injured his pinky. then brad and i needed to walk through the door and VINCE was all gentlemen like and held the door opened for us as we walked through.  i said thank you and he said welcome and nodded.

friends.  we are friends now.
go rest high on that mountain?  will you sing to me vince?  please?

he saw me look at him and totally get the craaaay in my eye. i could tell he got a little scared that i was gonna go in for a hug, start weeping, you know...something normal like that.  but i reeled it in and just accepted a door being held open and a nod and a thank you.

thanks vince.
thanks for making my day.
thanks for liking breakfast.
thanks for eating it kinda late.
what did you order?
cause i wanna get that next time.
tell amy i said hi.
i love her too.

where was she, by the way?

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Jamie Thompson said...

Oh gosh this cracked me up. Especially the "craaaay look".
What a lovely morning-ish gift. I happen to think Vince is pretty darn great too!

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