sidewalk chalk, bubbles and earth day.

we celebrated earth day on monday by shaking off the the monday blues early and making it a wonderful day.  the weather was a crisp seventy five degrees and perfect if you are three and...a nanny.

we headed to target and stocked up on bubbles and side walk chalk.  dora bubbles, smelly name it, we are now armed.

last year girlfriend could barely blow a bubble.
this year.
sister has a whole new skill.

in the midst of our happy outside day, brad and i got some family sad news.  news that makes you appreciate the sunny days just a little more, love one another just a little better and just be that much more kinder.  we can all work on that.
saving that extra close parking place for someone that might need it more.
returning that cart for that mom who has her hands full.
smile at someone at the grocery store.
say hi and nodding at someone.

every day i try my best to teach lil bit and her brothers to be kind.
and every day i hope they see that same kindness in me.

(all pictures were taken with the iphone)

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